Micro Fiction: The One Sentence Exercise

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One of my favourite things at University was writing exercises that got you thinking either about sensory techniques, or about the craft of writing.

One of the last exercises I remember doing is the one sentence exercise – in which you practice writing a paragraph that consists mostly of one sentence, using perfectly reasonable writing techniques.

The following is a result of that exercise. It technically consists of two sentences, but it’s the second sentence that shows the mashing of different sentence techniques. Let me know what you think or feel free to post your own One Sentence Exercise – I’d be happy to read them!


The Jade Writer Girl.

The One Sentence Exercise

If aliens are a myth, then we are alone in the universe. If we are the only planet at the right distance from the right sun, with the right chemical mix to create a world full of conscious, sentient thinking beings, then we are also a single person standing cold and alone in the centre of New York City (and isn’t that a depressing thought); if, however, we are not the only planet to have created life, then we are one in a million, or a billion, standing in the middle of a raging mosh pit at a Lady Gaga concert just trying to breath and be heard above the noise … and it’s a tumultuous, churning pit of noise.

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