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Extinguish is a novel I am working on that is close to completion. Keep an eye out here for any news, blurb’s, summaries, commissioned artworks and extracts.


“I met my first alien three weeks before my eleventh birthday.”

Close encounters are not a normal part of life. They’re not even within the range of normal. But six years to the day from Genie’s very first encounter with an alien, and she’s about to discover that close encounters, aren’t even the beginning of what life has in store for her.

Snippet: Almost Fate Tim and Einstein, novel snippet.

Snippet: Like Superman – Genie, BK and Stevie, novel snippet.

Background Short: The Curious Case of the Cookie Jar – Tim, Ant and Freddie childhood story.

Background Short: Bromance – Tim and Freddie pre-novel (connected to the Freddie Monologues).

Background Short: Literally – Ant pre-novel.

Background Short: Catching Frogs – Freddie and Genie childhood story.

Background Short: Springs – Tim and Ant pre-novel.

Background Novellette: Somewhat Serendipitous – Tim and Ant: A history of their relationship.

The Freddie Monologues – Freddie only, pre-novel.


Keep an eye out here, for any news regarding the second book of the Extinguish series.


Keep an eye out here, for any news regarding the third book of the Extinguish series.

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