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For fans of The Tomorrow Series, Partials Sequence, and The Country Saga comes the first book in the EXT Chronicles, a riveting and fast-paced sci-fi teen series, by emerging author J.H. Mitchell.

A girl with a past.

A boy with a future.

In the 14th century the Black Death reduced the world’s population by up to a third. Today, a new plague strikes.

Unrelenting, undiscriminating and lethal, it cripples the world within days.

As the plague reaches the sandy shores of Australia, seventeen-year-old Zach Andrews discovers an otherworldly threat looming on the distant horizon of humanity’s existence.

As he tries desperately to survive the onslaught of the plague, Zach discovers that the survival of the human race lies in the hands of a young, country girl.

Tapping into the fervour of modern day dystopian novels and societal collapse, Extinguish is a story of survival, self-discovery and inner strength—one that explores the range of self-perception and the concept that what you are does not define who you are.


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Order a signed paperback copy of my first novel Extinguish; book one of The EXT Chronicles (shipping included in price).



Extinguish eBook

Available in ePub, Mobi and PDF versions – please specify which file format you’d prefer and it will be emailed directly to you. *Thank you for purchasing my ebook directly through my website rather than retailers such as Amazon or iBooks; by doing so you’re ensuring that all proceeds go directly to me as the author.


See below for extracts and extras:

Snippet: Almost Fate Tim and Einstein, novel snippet.

Snippet: Like Superman – Genie, BK and Stevie, novel snippet.

Background Short: The Curious Case of the Cookie Jar – Tim, Ant and Freddie childhood story.

Background Short: Bromance – Tim and Freddie pre-novel (connected to the Freddie Monologues).

Background Short: Literally – Ant pre-novel.

Background Short: Catching Frogs – Freddie and Genie childhood story.

Background Short: Springs – Tim and Ant pre-novel.

Background Novellette: Somewhat Serendipitous – Tim and Ant: A history of their relationship.

The Freddie Monologues – Freddie only, pre-novel.




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