Dear Reader,

We haven’t formally met, and we probably never will. At least not in person.

But let me express here and now, how very honoured I am to enter into this magical experience of telepathy with you. To me, this is what being a writer is all about. It’s about the words, it’s about the readers, and it’s about the telepathy. The magic.

Stephen King, in his effortless way with words, introduced this idea to me within his book On Writing. What we are doing is engaging in a one-way form of telepathy. One that transcends time and space.

Here I am, 24, sitting on my lounge room couch somewhere in Queensland, Australia. I’m still in my pyjama’s. There’s a half-cup of coffee sitting beside me, steadily going cold while I tap away on my laptop. It’s December 2016. It’s hot. It’s sticky. We haven’t got Christmas lights up yet, but there’s a box of decorations the corner of the room. My kelpie is stubbornly lounging at my feet, avoiding the summer heat, instead of playing outside with his sister.

And where are you? You are somewhere else. You could be somewhere else in Queensland, Australia. Or you could be in America, or Canada, or Japan for all I know. It might be morning, it might be night. You could be out and about and reading this on your iPad because someone you know who you met on a trip overseas to Australia happened to share it and it caught your eye. You could be browsing through articles on writing as you research a paper on aspiring authors. You could be reading this five minutes after I’ve posted it. It’s more likely you’re reading this five months (maybe more?) after.

Yet wherever you are, whenever you are, you just received an image from me. You saw some nondescript person sitting on a couch with a laptop and coffee and a dog at her feet. That right there, that image from my simple description of what I’m doing right now, straight from my words to your mind, that is telepathy. Strange, beautiful, transformative telepathy.

The fact that you’re reading, the fact that you’re open to receiving that image, that is what I want to thank you for. Without you, dear Reader, I would have no reason for being a writer. My purpose as a creative being relies on you, for without you there is no destination for the stories in my mind.

So thank you, and I hope you come back later to experience more of this telepathy thing we call writing.


The Jade Writer Girl.


A Girl in a Field