Short Stories Published

Here are a few journals I’ve had work published in:

USC Storyboard Student Anthology: Within Without

  • Mind Your Manners (micro fiction): page 80

“She was three interviews in when her day brightened just that little bit.”

In this humorous cautionary tale, Jade Mitchell explores why you really should mind your manners.

  • The Waiting Room (short): page 213

“A small, empty, white, room. You lick your lips and swallow. Take a deep breath. Hold it. And release. Good.”

Being alone with your own thoughts in a hospital can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences imaginable. Jade Mitchell’s ‘The Waiting Room’ taps into this sense of anxiety, bringing every second to a crawl, while refusing to let you go.


USC Storyboard Student Anthology: Fractured

  • The Price (short): page 33

“His eyes fell on her, still so bright, and she felt that shiver from so long ago creep back through her. Back through the tips of her ngers and her lips, where she sometimes still felt the burn of his soul.”

  • Memories of Wattle (poem): page 77

“He left the world that night

After he tucked me into bed

The whisper of ‘I love you’

Echoes in my head”

  • The Purpose of Words (exposition): page 91

“this is not a Story in Completion, but rather a swirl of emotions brought to you by a despondent hand. take from it what you will. take curiosity, anger, sadness, anything. everything. take the world. take the moon. just take something.

for that is the purpose of words.”