A Short Story: Wilder

Dear Reader,

Wilder is a novel idea I’ve had floating around in the back of my thoughts for a long time. I’m quite fond of it, but with Extinguish and Riverwood being my current novel projects (and another one or two stories floating in the wings of those), I decided to turn it into a short story instead.

While not much has changed from what I originally wrote (and while I do still think there is potential for more) I think there is enough here in this piece to make do for a single story.

Pop Culture has taken such a strong hold of the Post Apocalyptic genre, that anything I’ve left out of this little snippet of a story is easily enough filled in by the reader’s own knowledge and familiarity with the subject.

The original version of this was written whilst I was in my second year at University. Later, I switched the tense to present and the POV to first, which was a bit of a challenge to begin with as I primarily write in past tense. However, I do think it works much better this way, particularly as a singular piece, rather than a novel. It gives more nuance to the “now” feeling of the piece, and thus is better suited to the snapshot style of a short story.

We were studying The Road by Cormac McCarthy at the time, so if you notice any similarities (as I did), that’s why – however, where The Road tends to show a lot of despair, I believe (I hope) that mine shows promise and hope.

As usual, follow the link (the story is 2,320 words, so a bit too long to post here in the blog), and let me know what you think in the comments section.



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