The Freddie Monologues

Freddie, one of the main characters in my novel Extinguish, is a unique character. He’s both fun and difficult to write about. In an attempt to better understand his silent personality, and to give him a more authentic “voice”, I started writing little short fictions from his perspective that I eventually dubbed “Freddie Monologues”.

Below are the six short background stories I ended up writing. These are set about six months before my novel begins and give a little insight as to why Freddie is the way he is. The stories are interconnected, but hopefully (if I’ve done my job right) they should be readable on their own.

FM 1: Talk to Me

FM 2: Run

FM 3: Storms

FM 4: Overprotective

FM 5: Questions Without Answers

FM 6: Why?

Other related stories to Freddie:

Bromance (Set after “Why?”, written from Tim’s perspective).

Catching Frogs (Set when Freddie and Genie turn seven)