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Dear Reader,

In an effort to kick back off on the writing game after Little Miss has joined the scene, I’ve applied to be part of a local event called CreatePlace which is a movement designed to inspire creativity and writing in the local community. At the end of the two week course, I’ll have an opportunity to showcase some work, but seeing as it’s only a local event I thought I would share a little snippet of what I’ve been working on.

I hope you enjoy it, and keep an eye out for the rest, which I’ll be releasing on August 5th (just five days after my very first book becomes available: you can preorder here!)


The Jade Writer Girl.

The glow from the tv illuminated ten faces in shadowy light. Tense and watchful, I half turn away from the screen, waiting with anticipation for the scare I feel coming and yet unable to fully break eye contact. I’m surrounded on all sides. A friend at my back, another in my lap and someone new at my side, an arm pressing against my thigh that I am all too aware of. What is this new feeling shivering along my skin setting the butterflies in my belly aflutter.

The scare erupts. The knife wielding orphan chasing away any nervous curiosity about the boy at my side. A scream bursts forth, unwanted and embarrassing and triggering a domino of “shit!” “fuck” “oh my god” as the whole room seems to lift off the ground and resettle on the floor.

As everyone turns to glare in half hearted teasing, I feel my face heat up. Why am I always the only one who screams?

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