Aspirations of a New Life

Dear Reader,

I’ve been fairly quiet lately, though not due to choice. My pregnancy was a little rougher than I’d expected (as you may have read in such posts asĀ Aliens and Ice-Blocks), to the point where my writing was affected in a way I wasn’t anticipating. Among many other unexpected side effects of pregnancy, I got a spot of Carpel Tunnel that hasn’t entirely cleared up; thus writing has been a bit difficult what with numb fingertips.

Whilst I’m navigating this new era of my life in which I appear to be no more than a milking cow (I jest, but in all reality I love the little munchkin so much that having her out of my sight for even a moment sends pangs of anxiety shooting through my chest), I’m finally finding myself with a spattering of time to think about writing.

The time hasn’t yet expanded enough to actually get words down on paper, but I’m hoping that as life evens out and the little one and I start to get used to each other, that I will. Perhaps during those early morning stints at the feeding mill I might manage to start churning out words as well as milk.

In the meantime, I do hope most of you stick it out with me, and that I haven’t lost too many of you when I do start producing more work (which hopefully will be in the near future).


The Jade Writer Girl.


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