An Ode to BK

Dear reader,

One hopes to never take advantage of ones friends.

Also (in case you hadn’t noticed) I’ve been feeling rather sappy lately.


The Jade Writer Girl.

An Ode to BK

Sometimes I feel lost.

She wanders through my life,

and weaves a web throughout my thoughts

both real and make believe

two and yet also one.

Her laugh echoes across the plains of time

shifting in and out of reality,

transforming from something

hearty, jovial, ridiculous

to something else.

Something softer and fairy like.

Tinkling as only fiction can make you sound.

Sometimes I feel found.

In one world she is soft and clumsy

wise and yet naive

in need of protecting.

In the other she is feirce and strong and,


still a bit clumsy –

but she does the protecting.

In both she is bright and full of cheer.

She builds worlds of colour.

I build worlds with words – sometimes.

Sometimes I feel lucky.

I build her into another world.

Taking the known and bringing it forth

from memories

and laughter

to land amongst the characters on my page.

She builds me in the other.

Taking the doubts and the fear and lighting them on fire.

Taking a breathless girl – who is



frustrating and stubborn

igniting smiles of exasperation and eye rolls

and giving me,

with all my faults,

a shoulder to lean on.

Understanding the dizzying whirl a creative mind can


spiral into.

The unreal,

the make believe her,

is delight and fun and a little bit mystic.

The real is so much more.

A scolding voice.

A teasing tone.

A boundless energy.

A rugged up night of Disney and sugar.

An eternal hug of belief.

A friend.

Who never cared that I stole her name,

and made her into make believe.

And really,

who wouldn’t want to fill the world with more BK?


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