A Chapter Novella.

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A Chapter Novella (or a Serial Novel/Novella as they’re more properly known) is a story that is released in sections. Sometimes with one chapter, sometimes with many. Stephen King’s novel The Green Mile, was originally released as a Serial Novel.

This Chapter Novella follows the life of a young fighter pilot, and his mission to reveal the truth about Starship Heart technology.

Rescued as a young boy from his burning Space City, Asher Dow dreams of one day returning to the Cruiser Lullaby. Whispers in his dreams call to him, urging him to follow whatever path necessary to lead him back into contact with the strange girl that spoke not to him, but within him, during his short stay on the ship.

Asher is kind, charitable and makes friends wherever he goes, accelling through Flight School to become one of the top twenty highest recommended Fighter Pilots in within the Star Collective.

Yet when Asher finally makes it back aboard the Lullaby, fate begins to turn on him. Anomolies surround him on the ship, from malfunctioning Transporter Beam’s to Organic Link Up’s to the ship’s mainframe. Nightmares and migraines plague him the closer he comes to the truth. What – or who – is the Lullaby? And will she ever let him leave the ship alive?

Part One: Rescue

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