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Freddie Monologues: Why?

I could see the memory written all over his face. The last time I had been here. Parol. I shudder. Glad that meeting hadn’t gone according to plan.

Freddie Monologues: Overprotective

I grit my teeth. Try to look away. Try to focus on something else. Remind myself that I’m not supposed to be here. Remind myself how angry she’ll be if I intervene.

Freddie Monologues: Storms

Absently I reach for my pocket, toying with the letter there that’s no doubt beyond salvation, as wet as I got trying to change the tire.

Freddie Monologues: Run

The cry of cicadas is both a warning and a memory. Every year they bring with them the nostalgia of Christmas. Emerging on the curtails of a dry heavy heat to become a daily backdrop of ordinary outdoor life.

Aliens and Ice-Blocks

I am infected with an alien.

My body has become a treacherous landscape of nope. Within mere weeks the alien has taken command and turned all my senses traitor. My memories of food are full of pot holes and landslides and precarious roads that lead to a rather strong gag reflex unlike anything I’ve so far experienced.

A Few Short Stories

One weekend, three stories, 2,450 words.
* Image Credit: http://d4n13l3.deviantart.com/art/Only-a-spaceship-196544367