My plans for this book are still wafting around here, there and everywhere, despite the fact that I just completed 50,000 words for 2016’s NaNoWriMo.

For the moment, Riverwood is the working title, though it is not what the final title of the first book will be. This is gearing up to be a big universe, with a big world that I’m currently still piecing together. Therefore, anything I plan on sharing about this story and it’s universe will pop here under Riverwood.

There’s this concept floating around about how Ideas are beings that come to us and communicate with our creativity (if you’re interested in this concept, check out Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, she talks about it expansively and it’s brilliant). This idea of talking with your ideas, is how I feel about this project.

The vague concept of the Riverwood world is Paranormals (from Werewolves to Dragons), school (the typical) and romance (the untypical). It’s all talking to me. It’s thrilling and exciting and I’m in the process of delving deeper and deeper into this exciting new world.

Every step of the way through the world building, the vague attempts at plot building, and just plain writing the novel, this story has not gone where I expected. I have a plan when I sit down to start a writing session, and then, about five minutes into the session, the Idea shows up and says “Hang on a minute, you’re going the wrong way. Here, let me lead.” then bam! I have a talking Idea.

Stay tuned for any news, ideas, extracts or blurbs here.

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