The Quiet One

The Quiet One


‘Who did you get paired with?’


‘Who’s that?’

‘Um, I think it’s that girl who’s always reading.’

‘Oh…she’s still in our class?’

‘Apparently, I thought she’d moved.’

‘Yeah, me too. I don’t remember seeing her around lately.’

‘I think she’s been sick or something?’

‘Aren’t her parents really poor?’

I wish Mum would stop hassling me about Paris. Why can’t she understand that no is no? I don’t want to go on another cruise. They’re so boring. Except the pool boys. They’re always cute. And resourceful… I suppose I could go. 


‘What mark did you get.’

‘Twenty, you?’

‘How did you get twenty? I only got sixteen.’

‘What? Why?’


‘Oh, ew.’

Exactly. So how did you get twenty?’



‘Yeah! I was slaving away on the thing over the weekend, and then she emails me—I don’t know how because I didn’t give her my email address—and it’s all done.


‘Yeah. And it was good.’

‘Is she smart or something?’

‘I guess. Do you see all those notes she takes? Goody two shoes.’

Oh my god, woman. Could you drone on in any less boring a way? Jesus, you don’t even know what you’re talking about. Don’t even change the assignments. Good thing I had Evan email me his version. Guess he’s a decent older brother after all. Maybe I should rethink that present…nah.


‘Did you hear that Lily is coming to the party tonight?’

‘You’re kidding!’

‘Nope, apparently she actually got invited.’

‘Ew! Why on earth would anyone invite her?’

‘Their parents must be friends or something. There’s no way anyone in their right mind would invite her for fun.’

‘She probably can’t wait to go. She’s probably just coming for the food or something, did you see her lunch yesterday?’

‘Do you think her parents can even afford food?’

Stupid party. Why’d he have to organise it on our gaming night? He promised me a slaughter on Halo 5. He better deliver or I’m gonna put pepper in his coffee.


‘Um, what is she wearing?’

‘Is that designer?’

‘No way.’

‘Maybe she stole it.’

‘Oh yeah, miss goody two shoes stole. It’s probably just a knock-off.’

‘Bet she’s trying to get in Josh’s pants.’

‘Ew, no way! He wouldn’t go for such a virgin.’

‘Ha! Do you think we should explain to her how sex works?’

I’m going to kill him. Making me mingle with these tarts. How many times is that bimbo going to talk about that stupid nose ring? He better put out tonight. I didn’t wear this stupid dress for nothing. God I wish Aunt Meg would stop sending me clothes. I just hope he doesn’t try to impress me by unhooking my bra again. Not sure why he thinks that’s such an amazing feat. I do it every day. Shit, did I pack the condoms? Yes. Good. God knows he won’t have any. Idiot.


Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

It’s Always the Quiet Ones.