Contemporary Writer

November 14, 2018

Sweet somethingS sweep over me.

A lonesome  sOlemn memory

But bright moMents persevere 

ForevEr here

Entwined To my soul

and Heart


This small & Naive little girl

   A woman Grown in part

   Wondrous, Wild & waiting

  Here withIn the world

    My simple souL not quite whole

A lonely buD, unfurled

Betwixt and Between is me

A girl, a womEn still to be     

     A meeting Then of chance

And fates sWeet romance


he offers Everything

Forever aNd a day     

The sweeTness of I do


beneath thE sky so blue

And dancing in Delirious delight


   betweenN the bright

 and endless Changing night

  we intertwIne our hearts

 as a New 

soul iGnites 

It stArts,

Deep withiN she grows

A tiny chilD yet known

Dreaming Days go by

A labouR of love

of anxiEty cries

of pAin

As she coMes to life

I am full and burstIng with discovery 

and Now 

I am somethinG more than me

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