Contemporary Writer

Dear Reader,

To say that I have been enjoying my self-set Writerly Aspirations would be an understatement. While I don’t consider myself very literary, or very good at short fiction, I have certainly surprised myself over the last month and a half.

With that said, with my wedding coming up in just four weeks (yikes!), and my book – Extinguish – almost at completion, I found this weeks Short Story due date snuck up a little too fast for my liking.

As such, I did end up late. Also, I cheated. This is not a fresh story, nor did I rework it before I posted it her, as I do with other older stories that I want to revisit.

Instead, I rather liked it as it was. It has a certain melancholy, a bittersweetness that I quite like. It’s not a happy story, not even close, but I do enjoy it and I hope that you will too – even if it makes you sad.

As Anne of Green Gables once said, “I’d rather make them cry.”


The Jade Writer Girl.

Happy Birthday

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